10×16 Prefab Cabins

Are you needing to get away from the craziness for a while? Maybe you enjoy hunting and need a place to stay in the woods and a safe spot to store your hunting gear. Have you thought about using a 10×16 prefab cabin?

Sheds by Fisher builds quality prefab cabins in a variety of sizes and styles for your use. Consider investing in a prefab cabin and see the many ways you can use it!

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Our 10×16 Cabin Styles in New York

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Gable Porch Cabins

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Side Porch Cabins

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Modern Prefab Cabins

Uses for a Custom 10×16 Cabin

There are different ways you can use a 10×16 cabin in western NY. The options are only limited by your imagination! Consider turning your cabin into a personal retreat, an Airbnb, or a mini library. Continue reading for some creative ways you can use your 10×16 outdoor cabin.

Art Studio

Give yourself a creative getaway with your very own art studio in your backyard. You could design your 10×16 backyard cabin to inspire creativity in your drawing, painting, or whatever form of art you find joy in. Hang posters or artwork on the walls of your cabin, and add shelves to your cabin to store your supplies. Consider extra windows for better lighting and ventilation and a sitting space where you can comfortably do your work. Make your 10×16 cabin the perfect place to inspire creativity in your artwork!

Personal Getaway

Maybe you simply need a place where you can escape when things get rough. Consider turning your 10×16 cabin into your getaway, and find solace in a personal area designated simply for you. Make your backyard cabin a truly inspiring place of peace and meditation by decorating it to your taste and adding items that bring you peace and comfort. Consider a cozy rug for the floor or a soft chair you can relax on. Maybe put a bookshelf in the corner, or install shelves to keep your items and projects organized. Add electricity for a more comfortable and temperature-controlled space and maybe even a loft for when you need some rest.

Guest House

Are you getting tired of hosting the in-laws or family friends inside the house? Consider adding a 10×16 cabin in the backyard, giving your guests a comfortable and private place to stay during their visit. A 10×16 cabin can comfortably hold a bed and even can have a loft added for additional sleeping space or storage. Though a cabin this size won’t have a large amount of extra space, it can hold a bed and maybe some additional space for a sitting area and potentially a bathroom or wash area. Be sure to install electricity and insulation to make the cabin a truly comfortable and relaxing place for your guests.

10×16 Cabin Prices

There is no solid price for a 10×14 cabin in New York state. The cost of your prefab cabin will vary greatly based on a variety of factors. A prefab cabin with little to no extra customization may cost $5,000 or more, while a cabin that has more customization done may cost up to $10,000. Higher-end cabins like those that include electricity and indoor plumbing may cost $15,000 or more. For a better idea of what your cabin might cost, request a quote from your shed-builder.

Our Customization Options for your 10×16 Cabin

In what ways would you like to customize your cabin? Would you like to add a loft, extra windows, electricity, shelves, window boxes, or vents? Take a look at Sheds by Fisher’s customization options and see how you can make your 10×16 cabin truly your own.

Color Options

At Sheds by Fisher, we want to build you a cabin that matches the aesthetic of your home or property. We offer a variety of colors for your siding and roofing, so you can have a cabin that fits your style and taste. We have various colors for your cabin siding and trim, like dark brown, dark blue, and hunter green. We also have different shingle colors available for your cabin roof, like black, grey, and light brown. Take a look at all our color options for your cabin.

Siding and Roofing Materials

Want metal siding for your cabin? Maybe you would prefer asphalt shingles for the roof? Take a look at our options for your siding and roofing materials. T1-11 is a durable and low-maintenance siding option that is a popular choice you might want to consider. Sheds by Fisher also offers various shades of vinyl siding if you prefer. Choose between asphalt shingles or metal roofing for your cabin roof, and customize your ideal 10×16 cabin.

Vent Options

Why is ventilation important in a cabin? Ventilation ensures that your cabin will not suffer from mildew or other bacterial growth, and keeps the cabin in good condition. At Sheds by Fisher, we build our cabins with features to create proper airflow in the cabin, like pressure-treated runners in the foundation that allow airflow under the floor, keeping it dry. We also offer a variety of vent options for your cabin, like ridge vents in the ceiling, or cupola vents on the peak of the roof that allow for better lighting and proper ventilation.

10×16 Cabins- Commonly Asked Questions

Great question. Generally, a concrete pad or a gravel pad is needed for a proper cabin foundation, though there are other options for foundation that can work too.

Yes, usually a prefab cabin is constructed mostly off-site and then moved to the location you specify, and finishing touches are added there. Though the cabin can probably be moved again to a different location, it is wisest to consult with your cabin builder for their input.

Though it varies from builder to builder, a prefab cabin from Sheds by Fisher includes insulated windows, and a prehung door, as well as a porch of your choice. More things can be added as you choose.

Where to Buy Prefab 10×16 Cabins in NY

Wondering where you can purchase a prefab 10×16 cabin? Sheds by Fisher is a shed and cabin builder based in Perry, NY, but serving and delivering to the surrounding areas of Webster, Spencerport, Hilton, and Fairport as well. Get started today by requesting a free quote for a cabin or contacting us!

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