Storage Sheds For Your Backyard

Ready to clean out your garage and free up some space in the attic? At Sheds by Fisher, we offer a variety of portable storage buildings from which you can choose. We manufacture backyard sheds, Portable Garages, Run-in sheds, and Portable Cabins and deliver them to our customers in New York. We specialize in customizing buildings to meet your needs.

Take a look at our Completed Projects to get some inspiration for your shed! There is no end to the customization we can do for you to make your storage shed truly your own.

Choose Your Storage Sheds

Chalet Storage Sheds

Named after the quaint sheds originally designed in Switzerland, our chalet storage sheds are built spaciously with high-quality wood and vinyl siding. Stylish and versatile, the chalet shed is a great choice for your storage needs.

Cottage Storage Sheds

Charming and well-designed, our portable cottage sheds are an excellent choice for your backyard. Made with various features, our cottage sheds work well as simple storage sheds, miniature gyms, or small organized office spaces. These portable cottage sheds are small and just the right size to fit in limited backyard spaces.

Lofted Barn Storage Sheds

Looking for a little extra space to store your tools and appliances? Look no further. At Sheds by Fisher, we create our big barns with high-grade materials. Big barns provide ample space to accomplish and store what you need in an environment that is not claustrophobic.

The big barn storage shed can be used in multiple ways; as workshops, pool houses, and miniature entertainment centers. They also work well for farm businesses. In the cold winter months, keeping your small livestock safe and warm can be a challenge, but a big barn storage shed can be what you need to protect them from the cold outdoors.

Small Barn Storage Sheds

Nobody likes rusty tools that have been sitting outside in the rain. A Little Barn Storage Shed may be just what you need to store your miscellaneous garden tools and lawn mower. Made with strong, quality materials and built to last, these storage sheds are perfect for extra space for your outdoor equipment.

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Outdoor Storage Sheds

Our saltbox sheds are quality made with a more extensive door entry with a higher roof for easy convenient entry. Saltbox sheds are unique backyard sheds that can be used for a variety of purposes. Have you ever wanted a backyard office space? A saltbox shed could be the perfect option to create a small office for yourself and still have room for storage.

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What size shed are you looking for? Sheds by Fisher offers a variety of shed sizes in a variety of styles! Take a look at our selection of backyard shed sizes.

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