Sheds by Siding

What kind of siding are you looking to have on your shed? Wooden? Vinyl? Sheds by Fisher specializes in building custom structures and would love to help you build the ideal shed for your backyard.

Sheds by Fisher is located in Perry, New York, but it extends its services to many other cities in the state, such as Syracuse, Henrietta, and Rochester.

Shed Siding Options

sheds by siding-lp smartside wooden shed

Wooden Sheds

One of our most popular shed siding options, our wooden sheds are a great choice for your backyard sheds. Sheds by Fisher has engineered LP smartside wooden siding for your shed. Wooden siding adds a rustic natural appeal and complements backyard settings nicely.

Vinyl Sheds

sheds by siding- wooden siding

Board and Batten Sheds

Another aesthetic siding option for your shed is Board and Batten Siding. Sheds by Fisher offers this type of siding in various colors to give your shed a durable exterior. Board and Batten siding adds a rustic natural appeal and complements backyard settings nicely.

Special Features of Our Sheds

sheds by fisher underlayment on vinyl sheds

Underlayment Behind Windows

We put an underlayment behind the windows of vinyl sheds. This protects the wood from rotting if moisture gets behind the vinyl.

sheds by fisher acrylic cement to waterproof

Acrylic Cement on Bottom Edges

The bottom edges of painted sheds are coated with acrylic cement to waterproof the exposed edge. This prevents rotting on the bottom edge.

sheds by fisher notched rafterjpg

Notched Rafters and Face Board

Notched rafters and a 2x4 face board on our sheds add additional strength to the roof and create a durable structure.

sheds by fisher synthetic roof underlayment on sheds

Synthetic Underlayment on Roof

Our sheds are made with synthetic underlayment on the roof. This helps to repel moisture and keep the roof from rotting.

sheds by fisher 12 inch plywood on the roofs

1/2 Inch Plywood on Roof

We make our sheds with 1/2-inch plywood on the roof, as opposed to OSB.

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