Custom Shed Options

At Sheds By Fisher, we specialize in building custom sheds to meet the needs of our customers in the Leicester area of New York. What we love doing most is building customized buildings like prefab sheds or prebuilt garages for our clients to make a building that fits their taste and style. See our options below.

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Customize Your Shed with Options



This durable wooden ramp is essential when moving heavy garden machinery in and out of the shed.

single slope roof

Lean To Roof

The pitch of the single-slope roof can slope in any direction, and the pitch angle often depends on what the building will be used for and where it will be located.

large window


This window is 24 inches wide and 36 inches high and will improve the brightness of your building. We also offer a 24×36 Insulated Window.


Flower Box

A flower box is a perfect touch to display live plants or flowers or for growing herbs or other edible plants.

ridge vent

Ridge Vent

This style of vent allows air to escape through the ceiling and allows warm, humid air to escape the building’s attic.

louver vent

Louver Vent

Louver vents are used as a form of passive ventilation and are exhaust vents. They pull in cooler air from lower vents and push out the hot air from the attic.

couple vent

Cupola Vent

A Cupola Vent is a great option to allow ventilation, provide light (whether by letting sunlight in or holding a lantern), and add beauty to a roofline.

work bench


Sheds with extra shelving will assist you while working on repairing your stuff and provide you with convenient storage space.

Bring Us Your Design; We will Build a Custom Shed For You

Take a look at a few of the custom sheds we have built. Our passion is to take your design and make a building that fits your needs. Let us know what you are looking for, and we will help make it happen.

Our 4-Step Process to Clutter-Free Living

Getting a portable shed or portable garage that is customized just for you is a simple four-step process.

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Get a Custom Shed Quote

Requesting a Free Quote for your Garden Shed takes only a few minutes. We will send you a quote, including delivery. If you fill out the quote request form and send us the following items.

Here is what we require:

  • You're interested in a particular style shed.
  • The size of the structure you desire
  • The features you wanted for your garden shed
  • The shipping address (to calculate shipping)
  • Your contact information
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