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If you have a small garden and need more storage, a Small Barn is our most affordable and efficient storage option. It will help you store your tools and important lawn equipment, give you more space, and make your garden more organized. It comes in different sizes with double doors in vinyl and wood siding.

If the small barn is not quite the storage building for you, then take a look at our Lofted Barn Shed or our Outdoor Sheds.

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Wooden Sheds

We have replaced our DuraTemp siding with premium wooden siding that is both weather and termite resistant. The LP SmartSide used on our Small Barns is considered a leading solution for wooden siding that avoids the pitfalls of wood that rots and needs to be replaced.

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Vinyl Sheds

Premium vinyl siding gives our Vinyl Sheds a maintenance-free exterior and comes in 8 different colors that our customers can choose from. Underneath the vinyl, we use 1/2″ CDX for durability and long life. In addition, our vinyl siding for Small Barns comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Customize Your Small Barn to Make it Truly Your Own

Sheds by Fisher specializes in customizing your desired Small Barn to keep your storage tools safe and protect them from damage. Our small sheds come at affordable prices and are built with high-quality materials.

What makes this Small Barn Shed Unique?

One 18×27 Windows

The window on this small shed can open for ventilation and includes shutters or trim.

Double Doors

8ʻ small shed 4ʻ Door
10ʻ small shed: 5ʻ Door
12ʻ small shed: 6ʻ Door


The lofted barn comes with an overhang over the peak. We can customize this as needed.

Gambrel Roof

The Small Barn is just that. Small! You can store things but no room for overhead storage.

Construction Details of our Small Shed

  • All wall framing and LP SmartSide are nailed, not stapled. Galvanized nails are used on all exterior surfaces.
  • Our small sheds feature 2×4 framing at 16″ center spacing on 8′, 10′, 12′, and 14′ wide sheds. You can be sure your shed is built for the task!
  • 3/4″ LP Prostruct – Exterior grade underlayment flooring over 2×4 joists spaced 16″ on center (Heavy duty garage floors are 12″ O.C.)
  • 4×4 Pressure-Treated Runner Foundation: Allowing airflow under the floor so it stays dry We use five runners on 10′ x, 12′ x, and 14′ x wide sheds and three runners on 6′ x and 8′ x wides.
  • Shingles: Aluminum drip edge molding protects the roof edge from moisture deterioration. It comes in five colors and has a 30-year warranty.
  • Heavy-Duty “Lifespan” Hinges: With an ornamental black finish, they are fastened to the main frame of the building with screws for durability.

See our Customer Projects

What size shed are you looking for? Sheds by Fisher offers a variety of shed sizes in a variety of styles! Take a look at our selection of backyard shed sizes.

Spend a Few Minutes to Get a Free Quote for your Small Shed

It only takes a few minutes to request a free quote for your small barn. When you fill out the quote request form and send us the following items, we will send you a quote, including delivery.

Here is what we need:

  • The style shed you are interested in
  • The size building you would like
  • The options you want on your small shed
  • The delivery address (to calculate shipping)
  • Your contact information
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