8×10 Custom Cabins

Are you looking for a tiny little cabin in New York to get away for a few days? Our 8×10 cabins are the perfect solution.

These cabins are prebuilt and delivered to the area you specify. Customize your little cabin in a variety of ways and even get our electrical package for a comfortable little home. Get started today!

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Our 8×10 Cabin in New York Styles

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Modern Prefab Cabins

Uses for a Prefab 8×10 Cabin

What are some ways you can use a cabin from Sheds by Fisher? The options are only limited by your imagination. Take a look at some ways you can put a tiny cabin to use on your property.

Tiny Home

Some people may be looking to embrace a simpler life in this industrialized modern world. An 8×10 cabin can be turned into a tiny home. It will be a tight fit, but an 8×10 cabin could feature a little loft area for a bed and a sitting area in the lower section of the cabin. You could decorate your cabin in a variety of ways, and add electricity and plumbing for a more comfortable and efficient home.

Outdoor Retreat

If you simply need a place to get away and recharge in nature, consider a little cabin for your property at your home or in the woods. This little cabin could feature a bed for relaxation or a bookshelf for some personal reflection and reading. Maybe you would like a little snack and drink shelf as well. You could even have a porch added to your tiny cabin to give you a comfortable place to sit and bird watch, or simply enjoy the cool breezes.

Tea or Coffee Nook

How about turning a tiny little cabin into a little drink bar? Think of all the ways you could decorate an 8×10 cabin to be a quaint charming little tea nook or a coffee bar. You could customize your cabin to have a built-in bar for drinks and even a window and ledge through which to serve drinks to your friends or guests. Let your inner artist shine and decorate the little cabin to your taste. A lean-to porch could be set up with chairs for you and your guests to enjoy the drinks!

8×10 Cabin Prices

The price of your 8×10 may vary greatly depending on the level of customization you may want for your cabin and the materials used. Price will also vary from builder to builder. As a general rule, you can expect an 8×10 cabin to cost anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000 or more, depending on what you would like done on your cabin. A cabin being made into a tiny home will generally cost significantly more.

Our Customization Options for your 8×10 Cabin

What are some specific ways you can customize your cabin? At Sheds by Fisher, the options are endless. Simply tell us what you would like on your cabin and we can do it. Here are some popular options to customize your cabin.

Color Options

Are you looking for a cabin that matches the aesthetic and color of your property and the buildings on it? Sheds by Fisher offers a variety of colors for your shed siding. Our paint colors come in shades like dark brown, Jamestown red, and hunter green, while our shingle colors range from grey to light brown. We even offer nine different vinyl siding colors.

Siding and Roofing Materials

We offer a few types of siding and roofing materials for your cabin. Choose from wood siding for a more authentic and woodsy feel, or vinyl siding for an affordable and low-maintenance option. LP Smarside is another durable siding option that is made from engineered wood and is designed to withstand moisture and impact. Our cabin roofing options include standard shingles or even metal roofing if you prefer.

Vent Options

Looking to keep your cabin well-ventilated and free from moisture and mold? We offer vent options like our ridge vent that allows warm, humid air to escape through the ceiling or a cupola vent that allows light into the cabin and provides ventilation.

8×10 Cabins- Commonly Asked Questions

The building and installation of your cabin may take up to several weeks depending on the builder and the time of year. Get in contact with your shed builder to learn more about their cabin delivery time and anything else you may want to know regarding your cabin build.

Yes, generally a foundation is required for installing a shed. A concrete pad works well, or a gravel foundation.

Yes, you can, but it will be very small. You may need to have bathroom and shower facilities detached from the cabin if you want to have a mini kitchen or bedroom space inside. All that to say, it is possible to turn a cabin this size into a very compact but efficient living space, but we would recommend upscaling to a larger cabin size.

Where to Buy Prefab 8×10 Cabins in NY

Sheds by Fisher is a shed builder in Perry, New York, and has been a trusted option for outdoor buildings since 1995. We build and deliver quality structures like our sheds, garages, and cabins to Perry and the surrounding cities of Fairport, Brockport, and Webster, to name a few. Get a free quote for your cabin today or contact us to get started!

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