Quality Sheds In Ithaca, NY

We offer high-quality sheds in Ithaca, NY. Our sheds are durable and perfect for your backyard. Choose from our varied selection of sheds, cabins, and run-ins. Our shed options are chalet sheds, cottage sheds, lofted barns, and small barns. Because we want everyone to have a pick, we also have other storage buildings such as portable garages.

Portable Buildings And Sheds In Ithaca NY

Backyard Sheds In Ithaca NY

We know how it feels when you are looking for certain things and cannot find them! That is why we offer a variety of shed styles so that you can find the shed you’re looking for. From chalet garden sheds to saltbox sheds, we have it all, and we make it even better because you can also customize your shed the way you want it! Built using quality materials, our sheds in Ithaca NY are durable and long-lasting.

Portable Garage Sheds In Ithaca NY

Our garage sheds in Ithaca NY are the perfect solution for those who need additional storage space or shelter for their vehicle. These portable garages come in different sizes and shapes to accommodate different needs. Our garage sheds in Ithaca NY are made from durable materials, making them strong, reliable, and long-lasting. You can utilize this building however you see fit, either for an art workshop, storage place, or even for temporary housing. 

Cabin Sheds In Ithaca NY

Are you looking for a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Our team makes your needs a number one priority. With dedication and care, we make sure to deliver you the perfect cabin. Enjoy your cabin either near the lake, woods, or mountains and enjoy outdoor activities while connecting with nature. We can customize your cabin to the preferred size and style that you love. We provide our services for cabins and sheds in Ithaca, NY.

Run-in Sheds In Ithaca NY

Our run-in sheds provide shelter for your horses, covered with open space. They protect your horses from elements such as snow, rain, and sun. Our run-in sheds allow your friends to stay comfortable and safe while getting plenty of ventilation and fresh air. We offer standard loafing sheds and loafing sheds with tack rooms.

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Special Features of Our Sheds

sheds by fisher underlayment on vinyl sheds

Underlayment Behind Windows

We put an underlayment behind the windows of vinyl sheds. This protects the wood from rotting if moisture gets behind the vinyl.

sheds by fisher acrylic cement to waterproof

Acrylic Cement on Bottom Edges

The bottom edges of painted sheds are coated with acrylic cement to waterproof the exposed edge. This prevents rotting on the bottom edge.

sheds by fisher notched rafterjpg

Notched Rafters and Face Board

Notched rafters and a 2x4 face board on our sheds add additional strength to the roof and create a durable structure.

sheds by fisher synthetic roof underlayment on sheds

Synthetic Underlayment on Roof

Our sheds are made with synthetic underlayment on the roof. This helps to repel moisture and keep the roof from rotting.

sheds by fisher 12 inch plywood on the roofs

1/2 Inch Plywood on Roof

We make our sheds with 1/2-inch plywood on the roof, as opposed to OSB.

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