12×16 Prefab Garages

Want a secure detached garage to protect your vehicle and your other investments? Take a look at our 12×16 portable garages in New York and find the perfect design, color, and aesthetic for your property.

12x16 garage with green siding in ny

12×16 Garage Styles

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Lofted Barn Garage

Ways to Use Your Outdoor 12×16 Garage

How else can you use a 12×16 portable garage in New York? Let’s look at some ways you can transform your garage space when you no longer need it for your vehicle or if you want to use it for something else entirely. Here are three creative ideas.

Home Gym

What if you didn’t have to travel 20 minutes to the gym several days a week? Convert a 12×16 prefab garage into a home gym and save some money on that gym membership! Add electricity to your gym and climate control it if you like, or add additional windows for better ventilation. Consider decorating it to show your creativity and inspire motivation in your workouts. Add hooks or shelves on the wall for better equipment storage, and mirrors on the wall to gauge your progress and open up the space a bit more.


Are you looking for some additional space to exercise your green thumb? Turn your outdoor garage space into a plant haven! Add some windows and roof vents for good ventilation and insulate your garage to climate control it. Consider your heating system in the cold months and ways to keep your greenhouse garage cool in the hot months. Think of the different plants you want, and add shelving or hooks to store garden tools and display plants.


Do you need some additional space to work on your projects? Consider turning your 12×16 prefab garage (or part of it) into a workshop. Add ventilation to make it a more comfortable work area and electricity for your power tools. Extra shelving for your equipment or a table area for your projects could also turn your garage into an effective workshop.

12×16 Garage Prices in Perry, New York

Generally, a very basic 12×16 garage with few customizable options will cost anywhere from $4,000 – $10,000. A garage with higher-quality materials, insulation, and interior finishing may cost up to $20,000, while a high-end garage with advanced features may cost over $20,000. Request a quote from your garage builder to see an approximate price for a garage size and style that you might be interested in.

12×16 Single-Car Garage Siding Options

What kind of siding would you like for your 12×16 outdoor prebuilt garage? What kind of siding option is the best choice for you? Take a look at these popular siding options and see which one is the best fit for your garage.

Vinyl Siding

Pros of Vinyl

  • Low Maintenance
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Easy to Install

Cons of Vinyl

  • Noise Transmission
  • Lack of aesthetic appeal
  • Susceptible to Fading

Metal Siding

Pros of Metal

  • Fire Resistant
  • Energy Efficient
  • Pest Resistance

Cons of Metal

  • Higher Initial Cost
  • Limited Insulation
  • Denting and Scratching

Wooden Siding

Pros of Wooden

  • Natural Aesthetic
  • Variety of Wood Styles
  • Easily Repaired

Cons of Wooden

  • High Maintenance
  • Fading and Weathering
  • Susceptible to Rot or Decay

Ways to Customize a 12×16 Garage in NY

How would you like to customize your garage? The list of options is virtually endless, and there are many features you can add to your 12×16 garage to make it the perfect match for your home and property. Check out some of these options Sheds by Fisher offers!



Single Slope Roof

single slope roof

2×3 Windows

large window

Flower Box


Cupola Vent

couple vent


work bench

12×16 Prebuilt Garages- Commonly Asked Questions

The dimensions of a garage this size are 12 feet wide by 16 feet long, making it a total of 192 square feet.

A 12×16 prefab garage can generally fit a compact vehicle like a small car, a small SUV, or maybe an ATV or motorcycle.

There are a few options that could work as a good garage foundation, including the following: concrete slab, gravel pad, or pier and beam.

Where to Buy 12×16 Garages in NY

If you are in search of 12×16 garages, (which you probably are) then look no further than Sheds by Fisher, a shed builder based in Leicester, New York. Sheds by Fisher was founded in 1995 and has been building quality sheds ever since. We deliver sheds to the surrounding areas of Syracuse, Rochester, and Ithaca as well. Get a free quote on your garage or contact us to get started today.