14×28 Prefab Garages

Are you in search of a well-built portable garage that can securely house your vehicle while offering extra room for storage? Sheds by Fisher, located in Perry, NY, specializes in crafting storage sheds and portable garages of various sizes, including 14×28 garages.

14x28 garage in ny

14×28 Garage Styles in New York

Ways to Use Your 14×28 Garage

How can you make the most of a 14×28 prebuilt garage? Whether you want to optimize existing garage space or completely repurpose it, there are numerous ways to transform an outdoor 14×28 garage.

Study Space

Whether you are a busy college student or the parent of kids who are swamped with homework, a 14×28 garage that is transformed into a study space will be a great addition to your property! Having a quiet and focused study space will improve concentration for those studying. Outfit your space with desks and chairs for intense study sessions and also comfy chairs for a more relaxed study environment. Make sure you add shelves and a refrigerator to store those much-needed snacks and drinks. With a garage study space, you can invite classmates and friends over to study in a group!

Art Studio

Are you passionate about creating? Take your hobby to the next level with a 14×18 portable garage that is used solely for creating art. You can customize your studio however you like it. Whether you are inspired by colors and textures, or if simplicity inspires you, you get to choose just how to finish and decorate your space. On warm and sunny days, you can open the garage door and let the natural light flood your studio space. Enjoy the rain and cold as well knowing that you and your masterpieces are well protected from the elements.

Man Cave

Transform your 14×28 garage into the man cave of your dreams to give you the perfect place for hanging out with your friends. Comfortable seating, a stocked bar, and entertainment systems create a cozy atmosphere. The garage’s rugged look gives it a cool, masculine vibe, with added touches like sports gear and vintage games. It’s a versatile space for everything from rowdy game nights to chill hangouts. With personal touches, it becomes a place that reflects your interests and style, showing how a practical space can turn into a great spot for entertaining your friends.

14×28 Outdoor Garage Prices

The price of your 14×28 garage depends a lot on the shed company you use, the materials used, and the customizations you choose. A basic prefab garage will probably range from $6,000-$15,000. The more custom options you choose, the more the price will rise. Contact us or request a free quote to get a more accurate price for your garage.

14×28 Garage Siding Options

Do you want a certain color scheme or siding finish for your 14×28 garage? Check out our different options of garage siding to find the one that’s right for you! We’ve made a list of the pros and cons so that it makes it easier for you to make a smart decision.

Vinyl Siding

Pros of Vinyl

  • Low Maintenance
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Pest Resistant

Cons of Vinyl

  • Limited Insulation
  • Fewer Repair Options
  • Fading over Time

Metal Siding

Pros of Metal

  • Low Maintenance
  • Quick Installation
  • Durable

Cons of Metal

  • Scratches and Dents
  • Expansion and Contraction
  • Limited Insulation

Wooden Siding

Pros of Wooden

  • Easy to Repair
  • Naturally Insulated
  • Textured Appearance

Cons of Wooden

  • Higher Up Front Costs
  • Fire Hazard
  • Weathering over Time

Ways to Customize a 14×28 Portable Garage

Make your 14×28 garage a building like no other with our custom options. The options we offer let you personalize your garage and create the space you’ve been dreaming of.



Single Slope Roof

single slope roof

2×3 Windows

large window

Flower Box


Cupola Vent

couple vent


work bench

14×28 Garages- Commonly Asked Questions

A 14×28 garage doesn’t fit two standard-sized cars. It may be able to fit two compact cars. A 14×18 portable garage will securely house on standard-sized vehicle with space to spare. You can use this space to store ATVs or motorbikes, or you can install shelving for added storage space.

Depending on the quality of materials used, prefab garages are definitely worth the money! These garages are offered at a lower price than garages that are built on-site. The reason for the lower cost isn’t because they are inferior quality. It’s because prefab garages are built with a streamlined manufacturing process. Sheds by Fisher is dedicated to using top-quality materials to construct our buildings. We strive to build you a top-quality shed in as little time as possible.

When choosing a foundation for your 14×28 garage, you have several options to choose from. A concrete slab or a gravel pad are two of the most common choices. Of the two, a gravel pad is the cheaper option. You can also choose a pier and beam foundation which involves putting concrete piers or wood posts in the ground and adding beams across them.

Where to Buy 14×28 Garages in New York

If you’ve decided that a 14×28 garage is the building for you, we’d be happy to help you have it delivered right to your property! Sheds by Fisher offers durable prebuilt garages in a variety of styles and colors. Our main location is in Perry, NY, but we also serve the surrounding areas of Rochester, Syracuse, and Ithaca. Start the journey to a new vehicle storage space by contacting us or requesting a free quote!