12×24 Sheds

If you are in need of a large outdoor shed for a variety of uses, then take a look at our 12×24 sheds. Sheds by Fisher builds quality sheds in New York and specializes in customization for their customers. Get started designing your own 12×24 shed today.

12x24 sheds in ny

12×24 Outdoor Sheds in New York

Sheds by Fisher specializes in building sheds in Perry, NY, and surrounding areas. We build 12×24 storage sheds with your choice of siding options and a variety of customizable options. Take a look at our 12×24 shed styles and ways to use them.

12×24 Shed Styles

12×24 Shed Uses

What are some ways that people use 12×24 sheds? Whether you need a shed for storage or something bigger like a guesthouse, a 12×24 backyard shed could be the perfect solution for your space problems or a great option for a creative new project.

Tiny Home

Are you interested in creating a tiny home for yourself or maybe a guesthouse for your mother-in-law? Consider turning a shed into a small guesthouse. A 12×24 shed offers plenty of space for a small bedroom or bed, a sitting area, a kitchenette, and maybe even a bathroom. Add some decor to make the tiny home feel comfortable and homey, and consider what else you might need to create a functional home, like climate control, extra storage space, and plumbing.

Home Gym

Consider the benefits of converting a 12×24 shed into a home gym. There would be no need to leave the property when you want to get a good workout in. You would not have to worry about the cost of a gym membership, though you would need to consider the upfront shed costs. You could add mats to your shed to create a safer and more comfortable workout space and utilize hooks on the wall to store certain gym equipment. Add some mirrors and some motivational decor to your gym to make it a more aesthetic and creative area.


Do you need a space to work on your long list of projects? A 12×24 shed offers plenty of space for both regular storage and your creative endeavors. You could add benches or shelving for storage or a loft for additional space. Keep your clutter out of the garage by giving it its own designated spot in your own workshop. Create a space where you can get away and focus on your projects, and consider taking some additional measures like adding soundproofing to your shop, or electricity.

Home Office

Skip the drive to work! For those who are doing a lot of remote work, a home office in a shed is a good idea. A 12×24 shed could probably even have room for an additional office space or maybe 2! Add the necessary desks, an area for storage, your favorite office chair, and maybe even a snack or meeting area. The options are endless. Don’t forget to decorate or organize your home office in a way that promotes creativity and productivity.

Outdoor Classroom

If you are a homeschool mom or a school that needs an additional small classroom, a 12×24 shed could be an option for you. You could fit several desks at least in the classroom, and decorate it to make it a haven of learning and creativity. Additional shelving could be added for books and supplies, and a 12×24 shed would have room for a teacher’s desk and whiteboard on one end. Think about the necessities of your classroom and create a space that is conducive to healthy learning.

12×24 Storage Shed Prices in New York

A basic 12×24 shed is probably going to cost anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000, depending on the materials used and the customization added, while a higher-end shed with electric and plumbing and other customization could cost up to $20,000.

12×24 Prefab Shed Siding Options

Most shed companies, including Sheds by Fisher, offer several siding options for a 12×24 outdoor shed. Here are some popular shed siding options.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a popular choice for shed exteriors because of its durability and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and pests, making it a practical and cost-effective option. It also is generally low maintenance and does not require a lot of upkeep. However, it’s essential to be aware that over time, vinyl shed siding may fade and discolor, and its insulation properties may be limited. Occasional washing is recommended to maintain its appearance.

Wood Siding

With its timeless and customizable look offered by various wood species, wood siding becomes an attractive and visually pleasing choice for 12×24 sheds. Properly cared for, wood siding can last for many years. However, there are a few important points to consider. Regular maintenance, including sealing and staining, is necessary to preserve its appearance and shield it from weather damage. It’s worth noting that wood siding doesn’t provide the same level of pest resistance as other shed options and may be susceptible to termites and similar insects.

Metal Siding

A fantastic option to consider when choosing siding for 12×24 sheds is metal siding. It offers remarkable durability and comes in various colors that can seamlessly blend with your property’s surroundings. Renowned for its resistance to rot, pests, and fire, metal siding is a popular and dependable choice for shed exteriors. It also provides excellent weather resistance and is relatively easy to install. However, it’s essential to note that metal siding can be prone to warping under extreme conditions and may be more susceptible to dents and scratches compared to some other shed options.

LP Smartside Siding

Engineered wood siding like LP SmartSide has gained popularity for its innovative design, specifically created to effectively combat rot and decay. Its outstanding durability allows it to endure moisture and impacts with relative ease. One notable perk of LP SmartSide is its warranty, which protects against rot and other damages, making it a dependable and budget-friendly choice for 12×24 sheds. However, to ensure its longevity over the years, consistent upkeep is essential.

Siding Options from Sheds by Fisher

Sheds by Fisher offers the following options for custom shed siding:

  • Wooden Siding
  • Vinyl Siding
  • LP Smartside

12×24 Shed Customization

How would you want to customize your 12×24 garden shed? Would you like to add additional shelving for a workshop or a loft space for extra storage? What about a flower box or a cupola to add some aesthetic appeal? Consider a ramp for easy access into the shed or extra windows for better lighting.

Where to Buy 12×24 Sheds in NY

Founded in 1995, Sheds by Fisher is a Shed Builder based in Perry, New York, and delivering to surrounding areas like Leicester, Syracuse, and Rochester, New York.

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