Board and Batten Sheds in New York

Are you looking for a new shed for your backyard? Our board and batten sheds are timeless and durable, an excellent option for various uses. Whether you need a shed for storage or would like a little space where you can pursue creative endeavors, we can build you the shed you need.

Sheds by Fisher is a shed builder based in Perry, New York, but it serves the surrounding areas, including Fairport, Spencerport, and Webster.

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Why Board and Batten Siding?

Aesthetic Appeal

Board and Batten siding is generally more aesthetic than other siding options, with a natural charm and character.

Rustic Charm

Board and Batten siding has a timeless and rustic aesthetic that can add character to any property.

Low Maintenance

Board and Batten siding is generally low maintenance and requires only simple upkeep over time.

Natural Ventilation

The vertical boards of Board and Batten sheds can provide natural ventilation, allowing air to circulate freely.

Choose Your Custom Board and Batten Shed in NY

board and batten sheds- chalet

Board and Batten Chalet Sheds

If you’re looking for a stylish and practical storage option for your backyard in New York, you might want to check out our board and batten chalet sheds. These garden sheds are built to resemble quaint alpine chalets, complete with steeply sloped roofs for a unique appearance. They’re constructed with durable board and batten siding, making them easy to assemble and offering a budget-friendly solution for your storage requirements.

board and batten sheds- cottage

Board and Batten Cottage Sheds

Consider our board and batten cottage sheds if you’re looking for a simple and attractive shed for your backyard storage needs. These storage buildings are robust, adaptable, and budget-friendly, making them perfect for various uses. Their sturdy and rustic board and batten siding provides a practical storage solution that enhances the appeal of your outdoor area.

board and batten sheds- lofted barn

Board and Batten Lofted Barn Sheds

If you want to expand your storage options within your home, our lofted barn sheds could be just what you need. These sheds are designed with extra overhead space to accommodate your storage requirements. Constructed from durable and charming board and batten wooden siding, our Lofted Barns are built to withstand various weather elements, offer a long lifespan, and require minimal maintenance.

board and batten sheds- small barn sheds

Board and Batten Small Barn Sheds

If you like the look of a barn-style roof but don’t require the additional overhead room of our Lofted Barn sheds, look at our small barn board and batten sheds. These sheds provide a practical storage option for outdoor tools or smaller equipment and are suitable for fitting into moderately small spaces. Our small barns are budget-friendly, feature charming board and batten siding, and easy to assemble with minimal effort.

board and batten sheds- saltbox sheds

Board and Batten Storage Sheds

Check out our Saltbox Storage Sheds, which have a unique design featuring a long sloping roof at the back and a shorter roof at the front, giving you additional headroom at the entrance. These outdoor sheds are perfect for keeping your storage items organized, and their wooden siding ensures durability with minimal maintenance required.

We Specialize in Building Custom Board and Batten Storage Buildings

At Sheds by Fisher, we craft custom sheds designed to meet your needs. Our range includes various shed styles featuring board and batten siding, such as chalet sheds, saltbox sheds, garden sheds, and many others.

We specialize in customization, offering tailored solutions for board and batten sheds, cabins, and garages. Our commitment to customer satisfaction has earned us a solid reputation for constructing top-notch sheds in Perry, New York.

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We can’t wait to design and customize your storage buildings for you. All you have to do is submit a free quote for the specific shed you are interested in. Interested in portable Storage Sheds, Run-in sheds, or Portable Cabins?

Sheds by Fisher manufactures a variety of storage buildings. For over twenty years, we have been building and customizing sheds and barns for thousands of happy customers. Submit a quote and become one of our satisfied customers today.

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