Shed Site Pad Preparation

Leveling your site before placing your shed option is an important part. Prevent termites from destroying your wood and water from getting into your shed, and help keep it dry. Here are a few steps to finalize your product and enjoy your shed.

gravel pad
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Site Preparation Steps

  • Use Pressure Treated 4×4’s around the perimeter to hold in the stones  
  • Stones must be extended 1 foot beyond the shed on all 4 sides.
  • Add 3” or 4” of stone under the shed entre, the shed must sit on the stone. 

Please note: It is the homeowner’s responsibility to obtain the proper building permits when required and to have them displayed on the site as instructed by the issuing office.

site prep

4×4 Skid Placement

If you plan to place your shed on blocks, the following are the placement measurements for the 4×4 skids.

site preperation measurements

Block Placement

Placing your shed on blocks is not our preferred method. However, if that is what you choose to do, we can work with you.

site prep measurement

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