10×14 Outdoor Cabins

Maybe It’s time to get away for a bit and vacation in the woods. Maybe you enjoy hunting and need a little place to stay on your hunting trips. What about a 10×14 prefab cabin?

You could customize it how you like and have it placed exactly where you want it. Sheds by Fisher is a shed builder in New York that offers a variety of quality outdoor buildings like our custom cabins.

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Our 10×14 Cabin Styles in New York

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Gable Porch Cabins

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Side Porch Cabins

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Modern Prefab Cabins

Uses for a Prefab 10×14 Cabin

Are you wondering what other ways you could use your prefab cabin in western NY? Take a look at a few creative ways you could put a 10×14 cabin to use in your backyard or nearby woods.

Writing Retreat

If you are the type of person who enjoys writing and needs a personal area to do your work, then consider turning a 10×14 outdoor cabin into the perfect little writing retreat. Maybe you are working on a best-selling novel, or maybe you just like a personal place to journal and write your thoughts. Customize a little cabin to promote productivity and create a safe space to think and write. Enjoy the fresh breezes and scents on the porch of your cabin. There is nothing like being in nature to stimulate the creative juices!

Fitness Studio

Are you looking to get in shape but want to avoid the eyes at the gym? Maybe the drive to the gym is too far and you don’t have enough space in the house to create a workout room. Turn a 10×14 cabin into your own little fitness studio or outdoor gym! Consider adding electricity in your little gym to power your treadmill and climate control the room a bit. You can have your cabin built with hooks on the wall or shelving to store workout items. Add a mirror to your little home gym and inspirational quotes to make it the ideal mini gym.


Have you ever thought of listing on Airbnb? You could host people on your property in a tiny cabin, like a 10×14 cabin. A cabin this size is quite small and may not hold a lot, but it would have the necessities. You could get the cabin built with electricity and plumbing installed for a more comfortable stay for your guests. You could add a loft to the cabin and a porch for them to sit on. There are many creative ways you could decorate your cabin to be an attractive stay for your Airbnb guests.

10×14 Cabin Prices

The price of a 10×14 cabin varies based on quite a few factors. A prefab cabin with minimal work done may cost around 5,000 dollars on average. Cabins with more customization and interior work done may cost closer to $10,000 or more, and prefab 10×14 cabins with a lot of customization and work done may cost up to $20,000.

Our Customization Options for your 10×14 Cabin

How can you customize your cabin? Are you looking for a specific color to match your property? A porch on the side? Maybe you want a loft in your cabin for extra storage or a sleeping space. Either way, we can help you build the cabin you have been thinking about.

Color Options

Choosing the color of your cabin can be a big deal. You want it to match your property and blend in well with the other buildings, but you also want it to be attractive and stand out. At Sheds by Fisher we offer color options for your siding, roofing, and trim so you can mix and match how you want.

Siding and Roofing Materials

Choose the siding and roofing material you want for your cabin. Sheds by Fisher offers a few options for your siding, like vinyl, T1-11 siding, and metal siding. We also offer metal roofing and asphalt roofing. Take a look at our color options for our roofing and siding and get just the color you want for your 10×14 cabin.

Vent Options

Ventilation is important in a cabin and keeps it free from unnecessary moisture buildup and mildew. Our cabins are built with features that enhance ventilation in the cabin, like pressure-treated runners in the foundation that allow airflow under the floor, and two windows to increase airflow in the cabin. We also offer additional ventilation options like a louver vent, cupola vent, or ridge vent. Take a look at all our options to customize your cabin. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us and we can maybe help you out!

10×14 Cabins- Commonly Asked Questions

It varies from builder to builder and based on the demand in your area at that time, but generally, a prefab 10×14 cabin may take up to several weeks to be built and carried to your location. Contact your cabin builder for an estimate on when you might expect your prefab cabin.

Yes, most times a prefab building like a 10×14 cabin will require a foundation of some kind. Two popular types of cabin foundations are concrete pads and gravel pads.

Absolutely. A 10×14 cabin is going to be on the smaller side, but if built well and in a thought-out manner, it can be a nice tiny house.

Where to Buy Prefab 10×14 Cabins in NY

If you are looking for prebuilt cabins and live in western New York, then look no further. Sheds by Fisher is a shed builder based in Perry, New York, and serving some of the surrounding areas of Fairport, Brockport, Batavia, and Webster. Contact us to get started or submit a quote for your very own custom cabin today!

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