Custom 8×12 Cabins

Maybe it is time for a retreat into the mountains for a bit. Take a look at our 8×12 cabins and create the perfect little getaway, whether in your backyard or the nearby woods. Our prefab cabins are built with quality materials and are made to last for years. Take a look at our options and find the perfect custom cabin for a weekend getaway.

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Our 8×12 Cabin Styles

cabin sizes 12x28 cabins

Gable Porch Cabins

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Side Porch Cabins

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Modern Prefab Cabins

Ways to Use Your 8×12 Cabin in New York

What are some creative ways you could put an 8×12 cabin to use? Have you considered turning your little cabin into a she-shed, or how about a mini greenhouse? Let’s look at a few ways you could put an 8×12 cabin to use.

Guest Room

A little cabin could be used as a guestroom for friends and family and anyone else who comes to visit and needs a place to sleep. Though an 8×12 cabin is close quarters and wouldn’t offer a lot of room for a full small-house setup, it would have ample space for a small bed and a few other accessories. Just what you need to host someone for the night. A small cabin can be built with electricity and plumbing to make it more comfortable and efficient.


Need a place for the kids to get away? A small cabin can be turned into a playhouse and even can come with a porch on the front or the side for the kids to play on. Add shelving to your cabin to store toys and other miscellaneous objects, and provide your children with a safe place to get away and let their imaginations run wild. Think of what features you would like in your 8×12 cabin to create the best possible playhouse for your kids.

Home Office

Maybe you work from home and are tired of dealing with the noise and other distractions inside the house. Check out our prefab 8×12 cabins and see how you can turn one into your own home office. Adding a porch on the front of the cabin could be the ideal solution for when you need some fresh air and a clear mind. Be sure to customize your little cabin to create an atmosphere conducive to study and productivity. Add your favorite chair, desk, rug, shelves, and more!

8×12 New York Cabin Prices

Wondering what you may expect to spend on a prefab 8×12 cabin? Generally, a prefab cabin may start at around $5,000 and may go up in price based on a variety of factors like added features, certain siding options, more insulation, or an electrical package. If you have a high level of customization in your cabin, you can expect higher prices, even reaching up to $20,000 or more.

Our Customization Options for your 8×12 Cabin

How would you like to customize your cabin from Sheds by Fisher? We offer a variety of options to add to your outdoor cabin. Whether you want extra windows, a loft, electricity, or a gable porch, we can build the cabin you are looking for.

Color Options

What color would you like your prefab cabin to be? Light brown, white trim, black roof? Our color options are quite extensive, allowing you to customize your cabin to truly match your property. We offer a variety of paint colors for your siding, like red, brown, black, and dark blue. Our vinyl siding comes in shades of cream, clay, white, sand, blue, and more. And we even offer 5 different shades of asphalt shingles!

Additional Features

Sheds by Fisher offers additional features for your cabin, like an entrance ramp to easily enter and exit the shed and roll items up and down. Additional windows can be added to create better lighting and window boxes where you can plant flowers and enhance the appearance of your cabin. Add shelving to your cabin to give yourself some storage space, or a loft for a sleeping space.

Vent Options

It is important that your cabin is well-ventilated and is not susceptible to moisture and other bacteria and mold growth that come with it. Consider adding some of our vent options, like a ridge vent in the peak of the roof that allows air to escape through the ceiling, or a cupola vent that adds an attractive touch to your cabin while letting additional light into the interior.

8×12 Cabins in New York- Commonly Asked Questions

Yes! The upside of portable cabins is that they are just that, portable. Since the cabin is preassembled and delivered to your location, it can be moved and set up at another location if you so desire.

Yes, typically a cabin will need to be set up with a foundation. Two popular shed foundations are gravel pads and concrete pads.

While this is definitely possible, it is important to note that an 8×12 cabin is very small and not the ideal size for a house. There are larger cabin options that may be a better fit for a year-round residence.

Where to Buy Prefab 8×12 Cabins in NY

Looking for prefab cabins in western New York? Based in the city of Perry, Sheds by Fisher is a quality shed builder established in 1995 and going strong today. Whether you need cabins, sheds, garages, or run-in sheds, we have what you need for an affordable price. Get a free quote or contact us to get started designing your outdoor cabin today!