8×16 Backyard Sheds

Looking for an outdoor shed where you can store your tools? Check out our variety of 8×16 sheds and find the style that suits your needs and the aesthetics of your property. At Fisher’s Sheds, we specialize in constructing quality sheds in New York. Find your perfect shed today!

8x16 shed for sale

Our 8×16 Sheds for Sale in New York

Looking for an 8×16 shed to add storage space to your backyard? Check out our variety of styles and colors and get inspired by how you will customize your own shed. We offer 5 different styles of 8×16 sheds that can each be customized the way you want it.

8×16 Storage Shed Styles

8×16 Custom Shed Uses

Are you wondering about what you can use your new 8×16 shed for other than storage? The options are truly endless. Storage sheds are being transformed into all kinds of amazing backyard retreats. Check out some of our custom shed ideas below and start dreaming about your own!

Tea Room

Create a welcoming and cozy space inside your 8×16 shed for relaxing and drinking tea with friends. You can customize the space however you want! Whether you want a tea room that models classic tea rooms in East Asia or a more Victorian-style tea room with influences from Great Britain, a shed is the perfect blank canvas to get you started. No matter how you choose to complete your tea room shed, it’s sure to be a place where friends and family can gather and make good memories together.

Game Room

Are you tired of the noise and mess that invade your home when it’s game night? A good, competitive game can cause happy chaos that can mess up your home. Having a dedicated space that acts as a game room will give you a place to store games and puzzles out of the way of normal life. It also gives your kids a place where they can entertain their friends without disturbing the adults as they converse. Make new memories with friends and family with an 8×16 shed that’s transformed into a game room.

Reading Nook

Do you want to create a space on your property where you can go to completely get away from the demands of normal life? A reading nook is the perfect place to do that! Outfit your 8×16 shed with comfy chairs, plush rugs, and warm lighting to create a dream space for any reader. Add bookcases along the wall to give you some extra space to store books while adding to the aesthetics of the space. You can even add a coffee or tea station where you can grab a cup of your favorite beverage before you settle down with your new read!


Are you an astronomy fan who is always frustrated by the light pollution that is found in so many neighborhoods? Seeing stars can be challenging if you live in a place with close neighbors or street lights. With an 8×16 shed, you can create your own observatory wherever it’s darkest. Find a spot, either on your property or on a new property you purchased where there is as little light pollution as possible. You can place your shed there and outfit it with all your stargazing gear. Now go mark that next meteor shower on your calendar and quickly get your observatory shed finished before it!

8×16 Storage Shed Prices

The price of your shed will vary a lot depending on size, style, and the amount of customizations you choose. As a general rule, an 8×16 shed with several customizations added will cost around $2,000-$5,000. Storage sheds that are built fully customized with special features will cost more. These custom sheds will run you around $5,000-$10,000. If you choose to go with a truly deluxe shed, the price tag will be over $5,000. If you want to know the exact price of a shed, request a free quote!

8×16 Shed Siding Options in NY

There is a variety of siding options out there. Some types of siding are more popular for their looks and some are more popular for their durability and longevity. Below are some of the most popular types of siding for 8×16 sheds and what their benefits and drawbacks are.

Vinyl Siding

One of the most favored siding options for an 8×16 shed is vinyl siding. Vinyl siding has several benefits that make it a great choice for finishing your shed. People like it most because of its affordability, durability, and minimal maintenance requirements. Vinyl siding is also easy to install and comes in a variety of colors. The downside of vinyl siding is that over time it can develop cracks and its color can fade with time. Some people don’t like the looks of vinyl siding are prefer the aesthetic of wood siding.

Wood Siding

Wood siding is a great alternative for those looking for a more natural and visually attractive shed finish. Wood siding is easy to repair and replace if it wears out which makes it a handy choice for your 8×16 shed. The drawback of wood siding is that it is not as resistant to decay and rot as some other types of siding. Regular maintenance is needed to keep your wooden siding in good condition.

Metal Siding

Opt for metal siding for a durable and robust finish for your 8×16 shed. This siding option is usually available in a variety of colors. Metal is more resistant to decay, pests, and fires than wood or vinyl siding. Its straightforward installation process and resilience in various weather conditions make it a popular choice. While metal siding has many pros, there are also some cons. This type of siding is susceptible to warping and contracting when temperatures fluctuate. With metal siding, there is also more of a potential for dents and scratches.

LP Smartside Siding

LP Smartside siding is an excellent siding option to consider for your 8×16 shed. This siding option is made of engineered wood and offers next-level resistance to rot and decay. LP siding is durable and created to withstand moisture and wear. Another benefit of LP siding is that it generally comes with a warranty that covers rot and other damage. With this kind of siding, it’s smart to perform routine maintenance to make sure your siding lasts as long as possible.

Siding Options from Sheds by Fisher

Sheds by Fisher offers the following options for your 8×16 storage shed siding:

  • T1-11 Wooden Siding
  • Vinyl Siding
  • LP Smartside

8×16 Outdoor Shed Customization

We would love to help you find your dream backyard 8×16 shed! Our specialty is offering custom shed options for your shed so that you can personalize your new building just how you want it. Whether you want a cupola vent, flower box, or ramp added to your 8×16 shed, we are here to help you find just what you need!

Where to Buy 8×16 Sheds in NY

At Sheds by Fisher, we provide top-quality 8×16 sheds to our valued customers at our main location in Leicester, NY. We also offer our sheds in the surrounding areas of Ithaca, Rochester, and Syracuse. Some other things we specialize in are portable garages, cabins, and run-in sheds. Contact us to get started on your new building today! You can also get a free quote to get an idea of what your new building will cost you.

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