Custom 12×16 Cabins

Sometimes you just need to get away, and what better place to get away than your very own custom-designed 12×16 cabin? Take a look at our cabin options and design a perfect getaway for yourself.

Sheds by Fisher is a shed builder based in Perry, New York, and offers a variety of outdoor structures for your needs. Check out our options today!

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Our 12×16 Cabin Styles in New York

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Gable Porch Cabins

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Side Porch Cabins

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Modern Prefab Cabins

Uses for a Prebuilt 12×16 Cabin

What are some different ways you can use a 12×16 cabin? Keep reading to discover some creative ways you can put a prefab cabin to use.

Tiny Cafe

Have you been wanting to start a small cafe? Maybe you just want a space in your home where you can experiment as a barista and have some friends over for a good cup of coffee or a latte. Check out our 12×16 cabins and see if we can make your dream a reality. Add a lean-to porch onto your cabin-cafe for a comfortable area to sit and chat, and decorate your cafe with the theme and style of your choice. Be sure to consider getting electricity installed for your espresso machine and other amenities in your cabin.

Fitness Studio

Maybe you are a fitness guru and want a private area where you can work out or do your yoga in peace. Consider turning a 12×16 cabin into a fitness studio and create a place of peace and meditation for yourself. Add inspirational sayings to the wall of your cabin, and decorate and furnish your fitness studio to your taste. Add shelving to store your items, and consider plumbing and electricity to make your fitness studio a more comfortable place.


How about turning your 12×16 cabin into a tiny home or guesthouse? A 12×16 cabin could accommodate a bed, storage area, and more. When you have guests over, you no longer need to worry about keeping them in your house or finding space for them in one of your rooms. Simply direct them to your guesthouse! Adding a porch to your guesthouse could be a relaxing addition for your guests, and make sure that you don’t forget the necessities like plumbing and electricity in your guesthouse!

12×16 Cabin Prices

Of course, the cost of your prebuilt 12×16 cabin in western NY will vary based on the builder you choose and the amount of customization done to your cabin. Generally speaking, a basic prefab cabin of this size will cost anywhere from $5,000-$10,000, and a more customized cabin with higher-end materials may cost more, like $15,000-$20,000. To get an estimate of what your prefab cabin might cost, it would be best to check with your local builder.

Our Customization Options for your 12×16 Cabin

Everyone deserves a cabin that is designed to fit their needs and reflects their style and taste. Sheds by Fisher builds prefab cabins and specializes in customizing them to fit the needs of their customers.

Color Options

What color is your house and garage? Get a 12×16 cabin that matches your property and adds to the aesthetic of your home instead of taking away from it. Take a look at our color options and find the color for your cabin that you want. Choose from our selection of paint colors, like dark brown, dark blue, and hunter green, or our shingle color options like black and light brown. We even offer various vinyl siding colors for your cabin.

Siding and Roofing Materials

What type of siding and roofing would you like for your 12×16 cabin? Check out our options and choose the one that is the best fit for you. Our T1-11 siding is a durable and affordable choice that is a popular option for shed and cabin siding, but wood siding may have a more charming and aesthetic appeal to it, especially for cabins in woodsy settings. We even offer metal siding for a more industrialized and modern look for your 12×16 prebuilt cabin.

Vent Options

Keeping your cabin dry and ventilated is very important, especially when the weather is damp and humid. Our cabins are prebuilt with pressure-treated flooring, allowing airflow under the floor to keep it dry. Our shingles come with molding around the edge to prevent deterioration from moisture. We offer a selection of vent options for your cabin as well, like our ridge vents that run along the tip of the roof and allow humid air to escape through the ceiling. Consider a cupola to ventilate your cabin and add a stylish touch to your cabin.

12×16 Cabins- Commonly Asked Questions

The level of maintenance done on your cabin depends on what type of materials are used in its construction. Generally, it is wise to check for any leaks, treat wooden siding to prevent rot and unwanted pests, and wash down vinyl siding when necessary.

Yes, you will need a foundation for your 12×16 cabin. A stone pad or gravel pad are popular options that usually do the job well, and some other foundation options work well too.

Yes! A 12×16 prefab cabin can be turned into a living space! Add a bed and storage space, and maybe a sitting area as well. Be sure your cabin has plumbing and electricity installed to make it comfortable and ideal for living.

Where to Buy Prefab 12×16 Cabins in NY

Looking for prefab cabins? If you are stationed in western New York and are on the lookout for a hunting cabin, backyard cabin, or a 12×16 cabin for anything else, check out our cabins in Perry, New York. Sheds by Fisher has been making outdoor buildings for many years and is a trusted shed builder, delivering sheds, garages, cabins, and more to different areas of New York. Whether you live in Ithaca, Rochester, Henrietta, Fairport, or Webster, we have the cabin for you.